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JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge
Emanating from Chase's sponsorship of the New York City Marathon bank executives searched for a way to extend their sponsorship to a race for corporate runners at a distance reasonable enough for busy corporate personnel to run.
These eligible participants must be entered as part of a team and not as an individual.
A single race was settled on to take place in Central Park at 3.5 miles. The first race in 1977, then called the Manufacturers Hanover Corporate Challenge attracted 200 runners from 50 companies. This enormous success was more then Charles H. McCabe, Executive Vice President of Manufacturers Hanover in 1977 could ever have expected. With 193,920 participants registered to run from 6,071 companies in 2000 those numbers are sure to increase with the growing concern for health and fitness in the corporate community.
Every year there are a total of 3 races held in Central Park, one in May, June and July all with start times at around 7:00PM.
The JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge also extends its reach into corporate communities across the U.S. and abroad as it now stands as the largest participatory corporate running event in the world, featured in 17 locations worldwide.
For entry information contact the New York Road Runners Club (212) 423-2248.