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Upper & Lower Reservoir Jogging Tracks: View Our Detailed Illustrated Runners Map

  Lower Reservoir Jogging Track: C86-96 - 1.5-Miles
This Lower Track, which follows the course of the Bridle Path in Central Park, is preferred by many runners for its unconfining aspect.
The soft dirt of the Bridle Path also makes it a more demanding run for those who need to strengthen their lower leg muscles. This run is also interesting in other ways since it provides quite a different scenic experience as runners pass under 3 beautifully designed cast-iron bridges.
This runner is approaching the East 85th Street Bridge.
  Upper Reservoir Jogging Track:
1.5 Miles: EW86-96

Circling the Reservoir is a dirt jogging track that is very popular with many runners. This precise 1.5 mile course allows runners to pace themselves in their running routine and to develope the necessary stamina for the longer runs ahead of them. With the inspiring vista of the Reservoir before them a runner can enjoy the magic of the view while pacing their way around the great circumference of the track.