The statues of Central Park are the humanitarian presence, often of greatness and sacrifice that are worldwide contributions to our human culture. They bring to us art in alliance with the recognition of greatness and often as the force of art unto itself. The choices for inclusion have been good ones for the most part. Duke Ellington and Simon Bolivar are there to remind us of the diversity of the New York experience and how much we stand to loose if that diversity is ever compromised.

Eagles And Prey: C69

San Martín, José de: C59

San Martín, José de: C59                                                                                                               Martí, José Julian: C59  

Morse, Samuel F. B.: E72

Balto: E67

Alice In Wonderland: E75                                                                                 Falconer: C71                      

Duke Ellington: E110

Burns, Robert: E66

Gateway Sculpture: E65                                                                                                            King Jagiello: C80                 

Columbus Circle Fountain: W59

                       Schiller, Johann C. F. von: C70                                                                                                                                 Scott, Sir Walter: E66                                              

Duke Ellington: E110

Duke Ellington: E110

Pulitzer Fountain: E59

Untermeyer Fountain: E105

Pilgrim: E72

Maine Monument (statues): W59

King Jagiello: C80

Indian Hunter: C66

Hamilton, Alexander: E83

Burns, Robert: E66                                                                                Duke Ellington: E110

Gateway Sculpture: E65

Pilgrim: E72

Scott, Sir Walter: E66

Bethesda Fountain: The Angel Of The Waters: C73                                                            Bethesda Fountain: The Angel Of The Waters: C73

Sims, Dr. James Marion: E103

Halleck, Fitz Greene: E67

Thorvaldsen, Albert Bertel: E97                                                                                                 Moore, Thomas: E61

Sherman, William Tecumseh: E59

Shakespeare, William: E66

Indian Hunter: C66

Falconer: C71

Andersen, Hans Christian: E74

Alice In Wonderland: E75