The Attractions Of Central Park

Dipway Arch: C60

[Constructed 1862]
Designer: Calvert Vaux 1824-1895 • England

Architectural Highlights
Width - 15 feet 6 inches:
Height - 11 feet 7 inches.
Revetment (surface): Smooth blue gray granite set in even segments of ashlar alternating with bush-hammered blocks.
Special Features: The curved granite detail sweeping down along the abutments is the unique distinguishing feature of this arch.
Passageway: Lined with red brick the walls are divided into blind arcades of seven arches each with a granite keystone. The walls also feature secluded benches.
Railing: Cast-iron.

Upon entering Artisans’ Gate at Central Park South and Seventh Avenue, you will quickly notice the Dipway Arch in the distance. The upper part of this arch with its cast-iron railings continues along the Central Park Drive.
During the spring, both sides of the arch are beautifully landscaped with daffodils and tulips.

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