The Attractions Of Central Park

Driprock Arch: C63

[Constructed 1860]
Calvert Vaux 1824-1895 • England

Architectural Highlights
Length - 24 feet: Height - 11 feet.
Length - 65 feet.
Length - 79 feet 8 inches:
New Brunswick Sandstone.
Revetment (surface): Red brick with sandstone trim.
Special features: Octagonal insets with rosettes.

Certainly eye-catching, the red brick of the Driprock Arch, which connects pedestrians to the Wollman Rink in Central Park and the Heckscher Playground, stands out among the greenery that surrounds its structure.
Originally, this elliptical archway provided passage for the bridle path which was eliminated due to the expansion of Heckscher Playground in the 1930s.
Horse carriages and people on foot journey across the arch from above as it continues the course of the Park Drive. The handsome balustrade above is constructed of Brunswick sandstone featuring open stone-work of Gothic detail.

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