The Attractions Of Central Park

Ferrara Italian Café: W59

[Installed 1998]

The most recent addition for dining to the grounds of Central Park are two ornamental kiosks located at Merchants’ Gate, one of the busiest entrance’s to Central Park.
Constructed in Italy, these dark green Victorian styled cast-iron food kiosks are run by Ferrara, an old Italian restaurant founded in 1892 and situated in lower Manhattan. Known for their incredibly delicious cakes and pastries, these concession stands will offer the same Ferrara fare along with breakfast, lunch and light dinners.
Green tables and chairs are available for patrons who decide to dine here.
Open from March through October and when the weather is permitting, these cafés have much to offer. They are an ideal location to grab a foccacia sandwich, a crepe or tasty dessert with Italian coffee and enjoy a favorite pastime, people watching.

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