The Attractions Of Central Park

The Gill: C76

The Gill is the main stream that bisects the Ramble from its source at 77th Street just east of Azalea Pond and travels down the rocky slope of the Gorge where it trickles beneath Gill Bridge 21 into the Lake.
Following the path of the Gill is the true adventure of the Central Park Ramble.
With its circuitous route over a rocky rustic terrain it unveils to the traveler a unique habitat embodying the romance of nature and the excitement of the City skyline, which is never far from view.
Yet here in the Ramble wandering along the edge of the Gill it is easy to forget that a city exists beyond its waters.
With the rushing sound of three cascades along the way from its source at a high grouping of bedrock mass to the Gorge where the stream drapes the edges of a steep rocky incline it is a magical path through a magical wilderness.

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