The Attractions Of Central Park

Glade Arch: E78

[Constructed 1862]
Calvert Vaux 1824-1895 • England

Architectural Highlights
Width - 29 feet 6 inches:
Height - 10 feet.
Length - 50 feet 7 inches.
Balustrade (railing):
Length - 95 feet: Stone rectangular posts topped by a cluster of horizontal rods.
Revetment (surface):
Tooled ashlar set in a diamond pattern
Lined with red brick.
Special Feature:
Quatrefoil (Pattern of four lobes and four cusps set in a circle) set into each abutment (support).

At the base of Cedar Hill, or at the Glade stands the handsome stone structure of the Glade Arch. Originally supporting carriage traffic to Fifth Avenue from Cenral Park, this arch now serves as a wide walkway surrounded by lush green inclines and a variety of trees.
A variety of flowering bulbs and perennials sprinkle the slopes on either side of the pathway under the arch during springtime.

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