The Attractions Of Central Park

The Gorge: C76

With its rocky incline and rushing cascade the Gorge provides the Gill’s final descent to the Lake. Aside from the opportunity for the best climb in Central Park the summit of the Gorge also provides an incredible view of all it oversees.
For many the Gorge all but defines the Ramble with its true wilderness atmosphere including a high Overpass and the cascading Gill which passes beneath it with a rush of sound that makes any visitor to the Park look down and around at the surrounding trees and hanging foliage in awe.
A Central Park visitor walking north from the Rustic Shelter along the path which runs parallel to the Lake will first pass Gill Bridge 22 which leads to a small pool fed by the Gill. If they continue north along the same path they will be surprised at the sudden appearance of the Overpass and the descending Gorge to their left.

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