The Attractions Of Central Park

Greywacke Arch: E80

[Constructed 1861-1863]

Calvert Vaux 1824-1895 &
Jacob Wrey Mould 1825-1886 • England

Architectural Highlights
Length - 11 feet 3 inches at apex:
Length - 18 feet 3 inches between abutments.
Passageway: Length - 56 feet.
Revetment (surface):
Grey sandstone and North River greywacke from the Hudson Valley alternate with brownstone from the banks of the Passaic in New Jersey. These form alternating patterns and are framed by a well-defined brownstone molding.
Patterned cast-iron.
Surface Embellishments:
Spiral scroll at the footing.
Red and white brick.
Moorish reflecting the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture popular in 19th century Bombay, India.

One of the most ornamental arches in Central Park is the unmistakable Greywacke Arch.
It is located just south of the Obelisk, right behind the glass Sackler Wing of the Metropolitan Museum,
which houses the Egyptian Temple of Dendur. Surrounded by such rich historic and artistic culture within reach, the Greywacke Arch is well suited to its placement.

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