The Attractions Of Central Park

Guggenheim Museum: E88

Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright 1867-1959 • USA
1071 5th Avenue at 89th Street
(212) 423-3500
Sat - Wed: 10:00 – 5:45
Fri - Sat: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Thurs and Christmas: closed
Adults $15.00
Students and Seniors (65 years+) with valid ID $10
Children under 12 Free

Though he hated New York Frank Lloyd Wright complied with the wishes of Solomon R. Guggenheim and found a place on Fifth Avenue between 88th and 89th Streets to build his client's museum. Its proximity to Central Park was an important factor in his choice since he believed his structure would reside for eternity on the periphery of the city's most natural treasure.
Wright began his endeavor to build the most controversial building of its time in 1943 to house Solomon R. Guggenheim's collection of non-objective or abstract art. To this day his structure still remains controversial and as many contend that it detracts from its exhibits as contend that it adds a greater dimension of awareness to the appreciation of an art form that was never meant to be contained by any kind of predictability.
The Guggenheim is viewed by some as architectural anarchy. Even those most familiar with its formidable curves and nuances find it somewhat disturbing and disorientating.
It has become as much of an icon of our age as some of the great works of abstract art it cradles in its exhibit spiral that winds downward leading the traveler on a panoramic exploration of great masterpieces with small exhibit rooms and coves which serve as inspiring respites along the route of discovery.

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