The Attractions Of Central Park

Huddlestone Arch: C105

[Constructed 1866]
Calvert Vaux 1824-1895 • England

Architectural Highlights
Dimensions: Width - 22 feet: Height - 10 feet.
Hidden away amidst the quiet country setting of the Ravine, is one of Central Park’s most picturesque arches, the Huddlestone.
Beyond its visual appeal, this arch is a remarkable feat since it was built without the seal of mortar or metal supports.
Relying on force exerted by gravity and friction, Huddlestone Arch is constructed entirely of immense uncut boulders, one weighing 100 tons, which gives Huddlestone its unique natural appearance and remarkable sturdiness.

In springtime, one of the attractions of Huddlestone in Central Park is the yellow forsythia that hangs over the rock’s passageway on the arch's south side.
Parallel to the walkway, is the Loch’s waterway that gently flows under the arch as it disappears from view when it meets the jarring structure of the Lasker Rink on its northern side.

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