The Attractions Of Central Park

Inscope Arch: E62

[Constructed 1875]
Calvert Vaux 1824-1895 • England

Architectural Highlights
Dimensions: Length -13 feet 7 inches: Height - 12 feet.
Passageway: Length - 34 feet.
Railing: 100 feet.
Revetment (surface): Pink granite surrounding a gray granite oval that borders the half-oval opening of the archway.
Archway: Tuscan with voussoirs that form an elliptical shape on top and a round shape at the bottom.
Surface Embellishments: A segmented sweeping arc that finishes the elaborate granite design.

Somewhat hidden and rarely used, the Inscope Arch is a beautiful structure to admire and a main highlight of the arches of Central Park.
Located on a short obscure path east of the Pond, the underpass of this ornamental arch is generally dark and usually flooded after a heavy rain.
Once you’ve walked through the underpass you will notice a short flight of stairs on the east side that connects pedestrians to Wien Walk with the Wildlife Center in view.

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