The Attractions Of Central Park

Heckscher Playground: CW62

Hours: Open every day at 7:30am and closes at dusk
Ages 6-12
Restroom facilities located within playground

At the foot of Umpire Rock stands one of the most well known playgrounds in the Park. The Heckscher Playground. Spanning an area from 61st to 63rd Street, it is the largest playground (over 3 acres) within Central Park and the only Playground not located along the Park's perimeter. With that stated, it is unfortunate that much of its space is unused and what it does contain is somewhat antiquated. Traditional play equipment such as swings, seesaws, a water spray, and a wooden suspension bridge can be found here. The most outstanding feature of this playground are the gigantic rocks of Umpire Rock which surround and overlap into the playground. They may actually be its main attraction.

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