The Attractions Of Central Park

Point: C73

The Central Park Point is a peninsula in the eastern quadrant of the Lake, which effectively bisects it with its point aiming directly at the heart of Bethesda Terrace.
Renowned for its bird watching possibilities it is frequented by many who cherish its rich and diverse species of foliage as well as the tranquil rustic setting it embodies. Its western bank drops off steeply into a part of the Lake called Willow Oven because of the heat it generates in the summer when the foliage is dense and overgrows the shoreline.
Willow Rock, which borders the stone gateway to the Point, is a favorite of birders who come to see the migratory species as they pass through and settle down in this area of the Park.
The peninsula is bisected by one single dirt path as we see in this photo but there are many little estuarial paths that lead off the west and east side of the main one.
To the west are paths that wind off onto the steep slope above the Lake and to large rocks that are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the view. Those leading out to the east are nature paths that meander their way through the wooded area and wind up at the foot of Boathouse Rock at the far east end of the Ramble.

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