The Attractions Of Central Park

Riftstone Arch: W72

[Constructed 1862]
Designer: Calvert Vaux 1824-1895• England

Architectural Highlights
Dimensions: Length - 30 feet: Height: 11 feet 10 inches.
Revetment (surface): Large blocks of Manhattan schist.

Located at the gateway to Strawberry Fields is the Riftstone Arch.
Familiar primarily to those on horseback or the occasional jogger, the Riftstone Arch, nestled as it is into bordering shrubbery and rocky terrain remains obscured from any other view than the one seen here.
The Dakota, which is directly across from the Riftstone, can barely be seen rising beyond the archway’s bridle path.
This rustic structure was built with the use of little or no mortar and of large stone block. The shrubs and boulders surrounding this unique arch conceal abutments or supports, which further give it its natural appearance.

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