The Attractions Of Central Park

The Ross Pinetum: C84-86

With the largest contained number of evergreens in Central Park, well over 425 representing 27 species the 4-acre Ross Pinetum is truly a miniature pine forest.
Funded in 1971 by Arthur Ross, a New York philanthropist, it has become an attraction for Park visitors, residents and bird watchers.
Evergreens have been very important to the Park and Olmsted and Vaux added numerous varieties of White pine and Himalayan pines along the drive from 72nd Street to 102nd Street, which was named "Winter Drive".
The evergreens offered the spirit of life to the drab New York winter with its color and natural geometry. Along with spruces and firs, winter in the Park had a special character, especially when blankets of snow draped the green pines.
Cherished for their beauty and refreshing sent, this current collection of pines includes Black Pine, Scotch Pine, Stone Pine and Lacebark Pine among others.
With its few picnic tables the Pinetum is a special place to stop for an outdoor lunch, to stroll along the circular path that is the inner border of the Pinetum,
read or even throw down a blanket for a rest in the shade of an evergreen.

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