The Attractions Of Central Park

Shakespeare Garden: W79

The Shakespeare Garden is Central Park's only rock garden. Inaugurated in 1916 on the 300th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, this cottage rock garden features plants and flowers that replicate those in the garden at the poet's home in Stratford-upon-Avon. Bronze plaques with the quotations from the bard's great masterpieces line the winding paths adding a true bit of poetry to any romantic stroll through this spiritual space. Draped on the hillside between the Swedish Cottage to the west and the peak of Vista Rock and Belvedere Castle to the east it covers 4-acres that at various times of the year are dotted with flowers and unique plants. The main garden path, which initiates a steep climb from the Cottage grounds, meanders through the central garden area and continues east until it reaches the summit of the rock. On its slope to the north of the cottage another path leads along a flower lined route to the Delacorte Theater. Shakespeare Garden remains a haven for those seeking the solitude of a truly sanctified and peaceful experience as they sit on the log bench perched high on the hill and look down at the Cottage and exotic plants and flowers that border the winding path below. Known as a sanctuary for birds many Park visitors bring their binoculars here to search for unusual species.

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