The Attractions Of Central Park

Summit Rock: W83

At one time a Central Park visitor to Summit Rock had a clear view of the New Jersey Palisades. Among the rock elevations in the Park, which includes Vista Rock and the Great Hill,
Summit Rock is the highest natural elevation of them all reaching a height of 141.8 feet. To this day a visitor can still get a glimpse of the Palisades in the distance through the sliver spaces separating the tall buildings of the residential west side.
Summit Rock features an overlook with a stone buttress stretching out along its far eastern rim. This boundary in turn forms an enclosure for a rustic stone "amphitheater" overlooking the wooded slopes to the east.
Situated along the rim are a row of benches flanked on the western edge with a fountain and stairs leading up to a grassy knoll, a perfect spot for sunbathers or those who just want to relax or read.
Winding up the southern slope of the rock, and adding to its rustic setting, is a narrow path with stone steps carved out of the bedrock.
Offering calm to the clamor just beyond its doorstep on Central Park West, Summit Rock is the perfect place for resident dog owners who can enjoy some moments of tranquility with their favorite companion.

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