The Attractions Of Central Park

Weddings in Central Park

If a group for a wedding exceeds more than 20 participants than a permit is required.
For information regarding permits, please call City of New York/Parks & Recreation at(212) 408-0226.
One of the most popular locations for weddings in the Park is the Conservatory Garden.
Wedding Ceremonies: Permit fee: $300.00; there is a cancellation fee of $75.
Wedding Photography: Non-refundable permit fee is $50.00.

Central Park's renowned landscape offers many magical and romantic settings for wedding ceremonies and photography.
Throughout the seasons brides and grooms can be seen in various parts of the Park exchanging vows and posing for photographers as onlookers watch in awe at this remarkable spectacle.
With the exception of the Conservatory Garden, anyone who is planning a wedding can use Central Park for ceremonies and photo sessions without incurring a fee.

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