The Attractions Of Central Park

Winterdale Arch: W82

[Constructed 1860-1862]

Architectural Highlights
Length - 45 feet 6 inches: Height - 12 feet 3 inches.
Revetment (surface): Smooth Maine granite
Style: Ashlar sandstone that conform to its contours.
Buttresses: Smooth buttresses on both sides of the arch curve down to low supporting walls with stylized urns as posts.

Located along the Central Park West Drive by 82nd Street, the Winterdale Arch derives its name from a part of the West Drive that was once known as the Winter Drive due to the many evergreens that were planted along its stretch.
Both riders on horseback and pedestrians can enjoy passing through its graceful portal as it carries both a bridle path and pedestrian path under its expansive archway.

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