Central Park Navigation Maps For Runners

CENTRAL PARK RUNNERS Quick Guide By Miles And Difficulty

1/4 MILE - The Great Hill Jogging Track: W105 (FOR BEGINING RUNNERS)
1/2 MILE - The Great Lawn Oval: C89-86 (FOR BEGINING RUNNERS)
1.5 MILES - Upper/Lower Reservoir Jogging Tracks: EW86-96
1.4165 MILES = Northern Hills Loop (FOR ACCOMPLISHED RUNNERS)
1.7153 MILES = Southern Lower Loop (FOR DAILY RUNNERS)
4.0439 miles = Central The '4 Mile' Loop (FOR ACCOMPLISHED RUNNERS)
4.9280 miles = Upper 5 Mile Loop (FOR INTERMEDIATE RUNNERS)
5.1432 miles = Lower 5 Mile Loop (FOR ACCOMPLISHED RUNNERS)
6.0273 miles = The 'Big' ('6 mile') Loop (FOR VERY ACCOMPLISHED RUNNERS)

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