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The Lake CW 72-77
At the heart of Central Park is the Lake. Created out of a large swamp, the 22-acre Lake was intended to provide boating in the summer and ice-skating in the winter.

Early Spring: In this panorama taken from the foot of Cherry Hill we look northwest toward Hernshead left of center screen. o the far right is Bow Bridge and beyond that is the Ramble.

Spring: This panorama of the Lake is visible from the West Drive Landing. It is quite spectacular in the spring and the fall when color dominates the setting.

Autumn: A similar view to the above photo this angle provides a senstation of the diverse seasonal experience at the lake.

Spring: View of Wagner Cove with the Cherry Hill Boat Landing to the right.

Summer: This summer view is alligned with Cherry Hill to the right with Bow Bridge in the distance.

Summer: This panorama looking east of the Lake focuses on the Boathouse center screen with Bethesda Terrace to the far right.