The seasons of Central Park represent the canvass of our experience. That experience is all about change of color and texture and emotion.

Ross Pinetum: C82-86

Hernshead Boat Landing: W75

Cedar Hill: E76-79

79th Street Transverse

Strawberry Fields: W72

McGown’s Pass: E107

Strawberry Fields: W72

Dene: E67

Great Lawn: C80-86

Hernshead: W75

Lake: CW71-77 - Cherry Hill: C72

Bow Bridge: C74 - Lake: CW71-77

Mall: C66-72

Conservatory Water: E75

Wollman Plaza: CE63

Wagner Cove (habitat): C72

Pond (habitat): E59-62

Wildflower Meadow At The Ravine: C104

West Drive Pergola                                                                                                             Pine Bank Bridge: W62

West Drive Boat Landing: W72

Wagner Cove (habitat): C72

Ramble (habitat): CW73-79

Lake: CW71-77

Tavern on the Green: W67

Ramble (habitat): CW73-79

Ramble (habitat): CW73-79                                                                                    Ramble Rustic Arch (habitat): CW73-79

Terrace Drive: EW72

Ross Pinetum: C82-86

Hernshead: W75 Ladies Pavilion

Ladies Pavilion: W75

East Green: E69-77

Strawberry Fields: W72