The wildlife of Central Park dominate our experience as the force of nature comes to encompass our experience of this compelling environment. Unlike any other park in the world, Central Park was designed to emulate nature and to attract species who would eventually call it home.

Mallards At The Lake: CW71-77

Night Heron At The Harlem Meer (habitat): CE106-110

Great Egret At The Pool (habitat): W101

Great Egret At The Lake: CW71-77

Mute Swan At The Lake: CW71-77

Canadian Geese At The Harlem Meer (habitat): CE106-110

Wild Pheasant At Strawberry Fields: W72

Black Capped Chickadee At The Wildflower Meadow

A Robin At Balcony Bridge: W77

Mute Swan At The Lake: CW71-77

Mallards At The Pond (habitat): E59-62

Great Egret At The Turtle Pond: C80

Red Winged Blackbird At The Ramble (habitat): CW73-79

Great Egret Flying From The Great Lawn: C80-86 To Turtle Pond: C80

Woodpecker At The Ramble (habitat): CW73-79

Cardinal At Wagner Cove (habitat): C72

Blue-jay At The Ravine (habitat): C102-105

Northern Flicker At The Pond (habitat): E59-62