The Attractions Of Central Park

Leaping Frog Café: E63

A wonderful addition to Central Park is the Leaping Frog Café located within the Central Park Wildlife Center. Perfect for families, who spend a day at the Zoo, the Leaping Frog Café is a great place to stop in for lunch or a light snack.
Visitors can dine indoors or enjoy outdoor dining under a pergola on either side of Wien Walk. The café also has outdoor seating located directly within the Wildlife Center. The reasonably priced menu caters to both parents and children’s tastes.
It features fun foods like hamburgers, hotdogs, french fries and ice cream for the kids, while also offering more refined platters such as soups, sandwiches, salads and wraps for the adults. As you are enjoying your meal, it’s good to know that your purchases help support the Wildlife Center. Located at the north end of the cafe is the Dancing Goatstatue.

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