The Attractions Of Central Park

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107th Infantry Memorial (statue): E67
110th Street Arch: W110
7th Regiment Memorial (statue): W69
90th Street Rustic Stone Arch: W90
Alice At Loeb Fountain (statue): E77
Alice In Wonderland (statue): E75
American Museum of Natural History: W77
Andersen, Hans Christian (statue): E74
Angel Of The Waters - Bethesda Fountain: C73
Arches Of Central Park
Arsenal: E64
Artists' Gate: C59
Artists' Gate Flower Bed: C59
Azalea Pond: C76
Azalea Pond Bridge: C76
Azalea Walk: C76
Balcony Bridge: W77
Ballfields Café: C65
Balto (statue): E67
Bank Rock Bay: W78
Bank Rock Bridge: W77
Baseball And Softball
Beethoven, Ludwig van (statue): C70
Belvedere Castle: Henry Luce Nature Ctr: C79
Bench: Andrew Haswell Green: C105
Bench: Charles B. Stover: C80
Bench: Waldo Hutchins Memorial: E72
Bethesda Fountain: The Angel Of The Waters: C73
Bethesda Terrace: C73
Biking In Central Park
Bike Rental: C75
Bird Watching
Blockhouse No.1 (historic site): W109
Boathouse Restaurant - Loeb Boathouse: E74
Boathouse Cafe: C75
Boathouse Rock: C74
Bolívar, Simón (statue): C59
Bonfire Rock: C78
Bow Bridge Boat Landing: W74
Bow Bridge: C74
Bridges Of Central Park
Brisbane, Arthur (memorial): E101
Burnett Memorial Fountain: E104
Burns, Robert (statue): E66
Butterfly Garden: C75
Carousel: C65
Carousel Flower Bed: C65
Carriage Rid
es: WCE59
Cat Rock: E64
Catch & Release Fishing: E109
Cave Site: W77
Cedar Hill: E76-79
Central Garden (Zoo): E64
Cherry Hill: C72
Cherry Hill Boat Landing: C72
Cherry Hill Fountain: C72
Chess And Checkers House: C64
Chess And Checkers Butterfly Garden: C64
Children's Zoo: E65
Classical Music In Central Park: C81
Cliff: W108-109
Colobus Monkeys: Tropic Zone
Columbus Circle: W59
Columbus Circle Fountain (statue): W59
Columbus, Christopher (Col Circle): C59
Columbus, Christopher (Literary Walk): C66
Concerts In The Park
Conservatory Garden: E105
Conservatory Garden North: E105
Conservatory Garden Center: E105
Conservatory Garden South: E105
Conservatory Garden Woodland Slope: E105
Conservatory Garden Fountain: E105
Conservatory Water: E75
Conservatory Water Cafe: E74
Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum: E90
Cop Cot: C60
Daffodil Hill: E66
Dairy: C65
Dakota: W72
Dalehead Arch: W64
Dana Discovery Center: E109
Dancing Goat (statue): E63
Delacorte Musical Clock: E65
Delacorte Theater: C80
Dene: E67
Dene South: E67-69
Dene Rock: E68
Dene Shelter: E68
Denesmouth Arch: E65
Dining In Central Park
Dipway Arch: C60
Driprock Arch: C63
Duke Ellington (statue): E110
Eagles And Prey (statue): C69
Eaglevale Arch: W77
East Green: E69-77
East Meadow: E97-100
Eight Eagles At Zoo(statues): E64
Ellington Circle: E110
Engineers' Gate: E90
Engineers' Gate Flowerbed: E90
Falconer (statue): C71
Ferrara Italian Cafe: W59
First Cascade: W102

Fishing At The Meer: E109
Flowers Of Central Park
Fort Clinton: E107
Fort Fish: E106
Frederick Douglas: W110

Frederick Douglas Circle: W110
Frick Collection: E70
Gapstow Bridge: E62
Gardens Of Central Park
Gateway Sculpture (statue): E65
Gill (habitat): C76
Gill Bridge 21: C76
Gill Bridge 22: C76
Gill Rock: C76
Glade: E78-79
Glade Arch: E78
Glen Span Arch: W102
Gondola Ride: E74
Gorge (habitat): C76
Grand Army Plaza: E59
Grand Army Plaza Flower Bed: E59
Great Hill: W106
Great Hill Jogging Track: W106
Great Lawn: C80-86
Great Lawn Oval: C80-86
Great Views Of Central Park
Green Gap Arch: E63
Greyshot Arch: W61
Greywacke Arch: E80
Guggenheim Museum: E88
Halleck, Fitz Greene (statue): E67
Hallet Nature Sanctu
ary: E60-62

Hamilton, Alexander (statue): E83
Hamilton Lawn: E83
Hans Christian Andersen (statue) see Andersen
Harlem Meer (habitat): CE106-110
Heartbreak Hill: W108
Heckscher Ballfields: CW64
Henry Luce Nature Observatory: C79
Herbert, Victor (statue): C70
Hernshead: W75
Hernshead Quadrants: W75
Hernshead Boat Landing: W75
Hernshead Rock: W75
Honey Bear (statue): E65
Huddlestone Arch: C105
Humboldt, Alexander von (statue): W77
Hunt, Richard Morris (statue): E70
Ice Skating: see Wollman or Lasker Rink
Imagine Mosaic: W72
Indian Hunter (statue): C66
Inscope Arch: E62
Iphigene’s Walk: C78
Kerbs Boathouse: E74
Kerbs Flowerbed: E74
Kids In Central Park
Kids' Rock: E66
King Jagiello (statue): C80
Ladies Pavilion: W75
Lake: CW71-77
Lake View Of City (habitat): CW71-77
Lake From Bethesda Terrace: C73
Lake Inlet: C76
Lasker Pool: C107
Lasker Rink: C107
Lawn Sports: Bowling & Croquet Greens: W69
Lebow, Fred (statue): E90
Lilac Walk: C69
Literary Walk: C66
Loch: C102-105
Loch Bridge 31: C103
Loch Bridge 32: C103
Lombard Lamp (statue): E60
Lower Meadow At Strawberry Fields: W72
Magnolia Way: E81-84
Maine Monument (statues): W59
Marionette Theater (Swedish Cottage): W79
Martí, José Julian (statue): C59
Mall: C66-72
Mazzini, Giuseppe (statue): W68
Meer: see Harlem Meer
McGown’s Pass: E107
Memorial Field: E69
Merchants' Gate: W59
Metropolitan Museum of Art: E82
Model Boat Sailing At The Conservatory Water: E75
Moore, Thomas (statue): E61
Mosaic, Imagine : W72
Morse, Samuel F. B. (statue): E72
Mother Goose (statue): E71
Mount Saint Vincent: E106
Museum of Natural History: W79
Museum of the City of New York: E103
Museums at Central Park
Naturalists' Gate: W77
Naturalists' Walk: W77-81
Naumburg Bandshell: C71
Navy Hill: C72
New York Historical Society: W77
North Meadow: C96-102
North Meadow Recreation Center:
North Woods: C105
Nutter’s Battery: E108
NYC Marathon
Oak Bridge: W77
Obelisk (Cleopatra's Needle): E81

Olmsted Flower Bed: C66
Osborn Gates: E85
Overlook Rock: E62
Overpass: C76
Park Designers
Pass W77
Pilgrim (statue): E72
Pilgrim Hill: E72
Pine Bank Bridge: W62
Playground: Adventure Playground: W67
Playground: Ancient Playground: E84
Playground: Bears Playground: E79
Playground: Bendheim Playground: E100
Playground: Bernard Playground: E108
Playground: Billy Johnson (Rustic) Playground: E67
Playground: Diana Ross Playground: W81
Playground: East 72nd Street Playground
Playground: East 96th Street Playground
Playground: Heckscher Playground: CW62
Playground: Lenox Avenue Playground: E110
Playground: Levin Playground: E77
Playground: Mariner's Playground: W85
Playground: Rudin Playground: W96
Playground: Safari Playground: W91
Playground: Spector Playground: W85
Playground: West 100th Street Playground
Playground: West 110th Street Playground
Playground: West 67th Street Playground
Playground: Wild West Playground: W93
Playmates Arch: C65
Point (habitat): C73
Pomona: E59
Pond (habitat): E59-62
Pool (habitat): W101
Pulitzer Fountain (statue): E59
Purroy Mitchel, John (statue): E90
Ramble (habitat): CW73-79
Ravine (habitat): C102-105
Red Lory: Tropic Zone
Reservoir Bridge: E85th Street
Reservoir Bridge: W86th Street
Reservoir Bridge: W94th Street
Reservoir (habitat): C86-96
Reservoir Lower Jogging Track: C86-96
Reservoir Upper Jogging Track: C86-96
Restaurants In Central Park
Rhododendron Mile: E86-E94
Riftstone Arch: W72
Rock Climbing
Rocks With Views In Central Park
Romance And Solitude In Central Park
Romantic Places In Central Park
Romantic Things To Do In Central Park
Romeo & Juliet (statue): C81
Rose Hill At Strawberry Fields
: C72
Ross Pinetum: C82-86
Row Boating: C74
Rumsey Playfield: E71
Runners Loop
Running In Central Park
Rustic Bench: C76
Rustic Bridge At Naturalists' Walk: W77
Rustic Bridge 30: W103
Rustic Shelter: C75
Rustic Stone Arch: W77
San Martín, José de (statue): C59
Scarlet Ibis: Tropic Zone
Schiller, Johann C. F. von (statue): C70
Scott, Sir Walter (statue): E66
Serene Sites In Central Park
Shakespeare Garden: C79
Shakespeare In The Park: C80
Shakespeare, William (statue): E66
Sheep Meadow: WC68
Sheep Meadow Cafe: C69
Sherman, William Tecumseh: E59
Skaters' Road: C70
Skating In Central Park
Snow Babies: E71
Soccer For Kids At Great Lawn: C85
Soccer At The North Meadow: C98-101
Sophie Loeb Fountain [Alice]: E77
Source of the Gill: C76
South Gatehouse: E86
Sports In Central Park
Springbanks Arch: C102
Statues In Central Park
Stead, William Thomas: E91
Still Hunt: E76
Stone Grotto: W103
Strawberry Fields: W72
Strawberry Fields Dedication: W72
Summerstage at the Rumsey Playfield: E71
Summit Rock: W83
Swedish Cottage: W79
Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater: W7
Swimming At Lasker Pool: C107
Tavern on the Green: W67
Tempest (statue): C81
Tennis Center: C96
Terrace Bridge: C72
Terrace Drive: EW72
Thorvaldsen, Albert Bertel (statue): E97
Three Bears (statue): E79
Tigress & Cubs at Zoo (statue): E63
Trees Of Central Park
Trefoil Arch: E73
Tupelo Meadow: C77
Turtle Pond: C80
Turtle Pond Lawn: C80
Turtle Pond Round: C80
Umpire Rock: C63
Untermeyer Fountain (statue): E105
Upper Meadow At Strawberry Fields: W72
Vanderbilt Gate: E105
Views Of Central Park
Vista Rock: C80
Volleyball Courts At Center Drive: C67
Volleyball In Central Park
Wagner Cove (habitat): C72
Wallach Walk: C66
Warbler Rock: C74
Webster, Daniel (statue): W72
Weddings in Central Park
West 65th Street Arch
West Drive Boat Landing: W72
Wildflower Meadow At The Ravine: C104
Wien Walk: E60-63
Wildlife Conservation Center: E64
Willow Oven: C75
Willow Rock: C75
Willowdell Arch: E67
Winterdale Arch: W82
Winter Sports For Kids
Wisteria Pergola: C70
Wollman Meadow: C63-64
Wollman Plaza: CE63
Wollman Rink: C63
Woodland Slope At Strawberry Fields: W72
Woodland Wildflower Meadow: W72
Woodland Walk At Strawberry Fields: W72
Women's Gate: W72
Zoo Cafe: E63
Zoo Story In Central Park: E64
Zoo - Polar Circle
Zoo - Temperate Territory
Zoo - Tropic Zone
Zoo - Wildlife Conservation Center: E64

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