The Attractions Of Central Park

The Reservoir: EW86-96

With the 1.58 mile jogging track the Central Park Reservoir is most familiar to runners who enjoy the precise nature of their daily run.
Contributing to the exhilarating exercise is the view. This 106-acre body of water provides some of the best views of the City skyline.
Built in 1862 as a fresh source of city water it no longer serves that purpose. It does however feed the waters that pour into the Pool and Meer.
The Reservoir is also one of the Park's main ecological sanctuaries and a favorite of bird watchers who are always searching for the more than 20 species of waterfowl that settle down onto the pristine waters. Coots, loons, cormorants, wood ducks, grebes, mallards, geese, herons, egrets and countless more can be sighted daily.
With the vast sky reflected in its expansive surface it can change momentarily as the clouds disperse and the sun streams through the erratic breaks.
A low stone wall running from the Southeast Gatehouse to the Northwest Gatehouse bisects the Reservoir allowing the closing of one section or another for cleaning.

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