The Attractions Of Central Park

Model Boat Sailing: E75 At The Conservatory Water

Season: April through October
Bring your own model sail boat, or call Central Park Sailboats at(917) 796-1382 for information on model boat sales and rentals.
For permits and boat storage call (212) 360-8133.

One of the main attractions of Central Park is model boat sailing.
In the course of its original construction city budget cuts forced Frederick Law Olmsted's and Calvert Vaux to reconsider their original plan to build a huge conservatory on the current site of the Conservatory Water.
Inspired by the model boat ponds of Paris the designers abandoned their plans and created an American version with a unique symmetrical geometry. Today radio powered boats as well as uniquely constructed sailboats with large wind driven sails stream across the shimmering waters. A serious sport for many adults it is not uncommon to see little children staring in awe at grown men who have brought their championed creations to the waters for a competitive sail.
The Kerbs Boat House located directly behind the Conservatory Water is a storage house for many large power drive sailboats that can be rented throughout the sailing season. 
The Conservatory Water is flanked on its north end by the Alice in Wonderland sculpture, one of the most visited in the Park and on the south end by Pilgrim Hill. To its west is the famous Hans Christian Andersen sculpture.
This setting makes the Conservatory Water particularly appealing to those of all ages though children sometimes tend to dominate the area particularly on summer weekends
and holidays when they get a chance to indulge their fascination with small boats.
More serious adult sailing takes place on Saturday mornings at ten o’clock from the spring through the fall.

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